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"Practical suggestions, sympathetic understanding, a clear style, and user-friendly organization add to this above-average manual for maximizing personal happiness."
Publishers Weekly, Feb. 16, 2004

When we feel overwhelmed, stuck, or dissatisfied, we often yearn for a heart-to-heart no-nonsense conversation with someone we trust. This book offers straight talk on how to turn your life around and shows how to create powerful self-motivating conversations on your own whenever you need them.

In this engaging "How To" for increasing self-awareness and self-acceptance, bestselling author and practicing therapist Dan Neuharth shows how to detect and overcome the psychological "blind spots" which can undermine your relationships, health, success, and happiness. You’ll learn how to transcend paralyzing thoughts like "I can’t" or "I don’t want to" and vanquish tyrannizing beliefs like "I shouldn’t" or "I must."

Aimed at the heart of your counterproductive habits and patterns, this book offers dozens of tools and insights powerful enough to break through the stubborn and complex phenomenon of denial. Self-sabotaging denial is akin to keeping a beach ball submerged; it requires constant energy. By discovering how and why you get in your own way, you free tremendous energy to move forward on your unfinished projects and unlived dreams. Getting in your own way is not a sign of weakness, nor does it mean that you’re a bad person or that there’s something wrong with you. The good news is that self-inflicted losses are avoidable. This book shows you how to bring greater honesty and authenticity to your one-and-only 24/7 relationship.

Written in a compassionate tone and easy-to-follow format, the book contains fascinating case studies, powerful exercises, and straight talk to help you overcome counterproductive habits including:

  • Procrastinating
  • Overindulging in food, drink, or spending
  • Ignoring or minimizing problems in relationships, finances, or health
  • Taking on too many tasks
  • Holding unrealistic expectations
  • Acting impulsively without considering the consequences
  • Getting distracted or losing your focus
  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed when starting an important task
  • Having difficulty believing in yourself or your dreams
  • Dwelling on regrets or resentments and feeling unable to move on
  • Skipping exercising
  • Overruling your intuition or feelings
  • Obsessing over a trip, purchase, or other decision
  • Feeling as though you don’t deserve what you most desire

This thought-provoking exploration of how and why we lose touch with our “best” selves offers features including:

  • A surefire Litmus Test for detecting self-sabotage in its earliest stages
  • Ten proven techniques for “fear-busting”
  • Foolproof ways to identify and correct the “fuzzy math” we use in justifying self-defeating choices
  • An “Inner Character Detector” to illuminate potentially counterproductive coping styles
  • A “Hidden-Self Portrait” to reveal hopes and fears which may be influencing you without your knowledge
  • “Psychological wake-up calls” to help you create and maintain a healthy balance among your mental, physical, and emotional selves

SECRETS YOU KEEP FROM YOURSELF will help you move beyond fears which have stopped you in the past, bring more of yourself to each present moment, and craft a future of greater contentment, self-acceptance, and honesty with yourself.

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